Children's author

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Two of my favourite things to do as a child were visiting castles and old halls, and visiting the library. 


I used to imagine what might have happened to the people who once lived in those anicent places, and I often wondered what it would be like to see my own books on the shelves of libraries and bookshops.


Over the years, I filled notebooks with ideas, and started - then abandoned - several potential books.  I found excuse after excuse as to why I shouldn't write: I don't have time, it won't be good enough, people might not like it...


Then in 2019, someone said to me, "Anyone can achieve anything they want to, but only they themselves can make it happen."  And then it clicked!  If I wanted to achieve my dream of being a writer, all I really needed to do was write!  So I did, and nine months later my debut novel, The Curse of the Pendle Witch was born.


I have since completed the Pendle Witch trilogy and begun the Words of the Dead series.


I hope that through my writing and meeting people at book events, I can inspire children (and adults alike) to love reading, to get lost in a good book, and to realise that they too can achieve their dreams if they are willing to make it happen!