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Coming soon!  Words of the Dead.


Words of the Dead is a new series of books inspired by ghost stories and folklore, in which, teenager Iris Emmott, finds she has a gift for communicating with the afterlife and dealing with their problems.


The first book in the series, The Higwayman of Hurst Green, tells the story of highwayman Ned King who reputedly lived and 'worked' in Hurst Green for several years, and how Iris discovers she has powers which could be used to help his trapped soul.


When you're dead, maybe you are meant to accept that you have no choice, and to sleep peacefully for eternity.


And maybe that's what most people do when they die.

But that's not for me.  I have things I need to say, a voice that needs to be heard, and a greivance that needs to be resolved.


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