Words of the Dead


"Do you believe in ghosts?  Then I suggest you listen harder."


Words of the Dead is a new series of books inspired by ghost stories and folklore, in which, teenager Iris Emmott, reluctantly discovers she has a gift for communicating with the afterlife and helping them to resolve their problems.  Will she use it or will she pretend she doesn't know?




The Highwayman of Hurst Green (out July 5th 2022)

Paperback £8.49

Kindle £2.99


Book one in the Words of the Dead series


When you're dead, maybe you are meant to accept that you have no choice, and to sleep peacefully for eternity.


And maybe that's what most people do when they die.

But that's not for me.  I have things I need to say, a voice that needs to be heard, and a greivance that needs to be resolved.


Imagine discovering you could speak with the afterlife.  Imagine learning you could help the restless dead find peace.  Would you use it or would you pretend you didn't know?


Iris, a lonely homeschooled teenager, is excited to stumble across her neighbour Toby and his mysterious Granny Bet, but learning of the 'gift' she has both terrifies and intrigues her.


For eighteenth century highwayman Ned King, whose tormented soul has haunted the village in which he died for almost three hundred years, finding somone amongst the living who can help him speak his truth is exactly what he's been waiting for.


Can Ned and Iris discover a way for past and present to work together to allow the words of the dead to be heard?