The Curse of the Pendle Witch

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Praise for The Curse of the Pendle Witch


Paints a brilliant picture, describing the countryside and the way the box was found.  A beautiful story. Simon Entwistle, Top Hat Tours


Set in the shadows of the brooding and historic Pendle Hill, The Curse of the Pendle Witch follows one family as they learn that the past has a nasty way of intruding upon the present, and that ancient ills and unexplained events cannot be simply ignored.  The characters are skillfully drawn, the story is compelling, and the landscapes and descriptions take on lives of their own and complement the plot perfectly.  Powerful, tense and atmospheric, The Curse of the Pendle Witch marks a promising debut ... highly recommended for children and adults alike.  Joel Hames, best-selling author of Dead North and The Art of Staying Dead




The Betrayal of the Pendle Witch

Praise for The Betrayal of the Pendle Witch


Loved it.  It's an excellent read.  The story is fabulous - ideal for a film.   Simon Entwistle, Top Hat Tours


This is the second book by Rachel Helen which focuses on the spooky tales surrounding the infamous Pendle Witches.  This story centres around two girls Agnes and Margaret - two very different characters [who] change and grow as the story goes on.  Another gripping story - I was on the edge of my seat.  The central characters really make you think about what makes a good friend, and [whether] secrets should be kept from those you care about, or is it acceptable if you are wanting to protect someone.  Five stars.  Annie, age 11




The Revenge of the Pendle Witch

I enoyed the Revenge of the Pendle Witch.  [It] paints a fabulous picture in the imagination.  I have often felt Speilberg should get his teeth into [these] books.  He would have a Hollywood thriller.  Loved all three books.  Simon Entwistle, Top Hat Tours


I enjoyed everything about this book.  I especially enjoyed the magic in it.  I liked all the characters and the conflict [and] really loved that it is based near where I live so I could picture where they were.  Jack, age 10


Every chapter was a cliffhanger and I didn't want to stop reading... At some points I found it a bit spooky and some parts were a bit sad [but] I was always excited for the next chapter.  Isobel, age 8


I didn't want to put the book down.  It truly was brilliant.  It was so atmospheric and the characters were really brought to life with their wonderful descriptions.  It was a fabulous ending (even though I didn't want it to end!)  It really made me think about how important it is that we don't bear grudges in life and how we should always support each other.  My children picked up on that which I thought was brilliant.  Lovely to read together as a family, although equally great to read on your own (especially as you then don't have to deal with the suspense of waiting to see what happens next after each chapter!)  Karen, Mum of two





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