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Coming soon!  Words of the Dead.


Words of the Dead is a new series of books inspired by ghost stories and folklore, in which, teenager, Iris Emmott, reluctantly discovers she has a gift for communicating with the dead and helping them to resolve their problems.  Will she use it or will she pretend she doesn't know?


The first book in the series, The Highwayman of Hurst Green, tells the story of highwayman Ned King who reputedly lived and 'worked' in Hurst Green for several years, and how Iris finds she can use her powers to help his trapped spirit.


When you're dead, maybe you are meant to accept that you have no choice, and to sleep peacefully for eternity.


And maybe that's what most people do when they die.

But that's not for me.  I have things I need to say, a voice that needs to be heard, and a greivance that needs to be resolved.


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The Pendle Witch Trilogy

The Curse of the Pendle Witch

Paperback £5

Kindle £2.99


The first book in the Pendle Witch Trilogy


When Alice and her family move to a rundown farmhouse in the shadow of Pendle Hill, they are keen to discover a piece of the history of the local area.  But when they dig up an ancient wooden box and its mysterious contents, strange events start to unfold that lead them to believe they have unearthed an old curse.


Can Alice work out how to break the curse and restore her family's lives to normal?


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The Betrayal of the Pendle Witch

Paperback £5

Kindle £2.99


The second book in the Pendle Witch Trilogy


The year is 1612 and in the Pendle area of Lancashire, a man collapses after he is cursed by a girl who is believed to be a witch.  As a result, the local magistrate is determined to rid the area of witchcraft and sets out to arrest all those involved.


For Margaret and Agnes, two local teenagers who know the families accused, this is a time of great danger which leads them to take drastic action to protect themselves.


But are they being honest with each other ?

Will their friendship survive?

Will they survive?


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The Revenge of the Pendle Witch

Paperback £5

Kindle £2.99


The third book in the Pendle Witch Trilogy


Alice believes that burying the cursed wooden box will rid her of the nightmares that haunt her dreams.


Instead, however, she awakens a dark sinister history that is clawing its way back from the dead.


Were there really witches in Pendle years ago?

Has Alice unwittingly reignited a centuries old feud?

Will a betrayal in the past be revenged in the present?


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